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Conference Rooms

Traditional conference rooms have been around a long time. These systems were bulky, unreliable and practically required an IT background to setup. We can now design systems that allow participants to connect to the meeting via tablet or phone as if they were sitting in the conference room. We can screen share your laptop and switch from view to view at a push of the button. Video conferencing has never been easier.

  • Unlimited Users, Meetings, Screen sharing, Web conferencing
  • Up to 8 callers per meeting
  • Free Apps for OSX, Windows, iOS, Android
  • Encrypted Calls
  • Phone, Email, Video Support
  • Google Authentication
  • Video Camera – preferably High Definition for image capture.
  • Microphone(s) to deliver your presentations with absolute audio clarity.
  • Video monitor for visual connectivity also allows you to read body language.
  • Speakers – There should be clear audio surrounding your staff to eliminate any possibility of miscommunication.
  • An appropriate codec to convert and compress you’re A/V into a digital signal for end to end delivery.
  • How many people will be included in an average size presentation?
  • What formats i.e., charts, graphs, multimedia etc. will your staff require for the exchange of information?
  • Is your information proprietary or in need of high level security?
  • Will the exchange of information occur in different languages requiring translation and individual listening devices?