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Video Wall

A video wall is is great if you are trying to get a particular message across – whether for advertising, selling or information. Traditionally used in command and control applications, video walls are increasingly making the transition from mission control to commercial spaces, lobby entrances, retail stores and leisure environments such as bars and restaurants. Video walls are an high impact display and can pack a visual punch, but they also serve as an effective business tool. Please see some benefits below.

  • Video walls provide the ability to automate many customer service interactions
  • Capability to display any manner of information, from transportation scheduling, way finding, and mapping
  • They can also serve to advertising goods and services in retail environments
  • 29% Increased Brand Awareness
  • 83% Increase Advertising Awareness
  • It’s Eye Catching and Entertaining
  • Highlight drink specials
  • Use as 1 large video TV, or several smaller TV
  • It Helps with Cross Promotion
  • It Compliments Social Media Efforts
  • Can be configured into a multi-touch surface to deliver a interactive experience
  • Let staff, customers and visitors engage with information in a fully interactive installation
  • Using QR codes with smartphones and tablets allows the end user to get the most information with a fully immersive experience.
  • Video walls can unify feeds from multiple sources such as CCTV cameras, firewalls, and alarms
  • Allows security personnel to capture potential security breaches whether they are physical or virtual, quickly and efficiently