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Distributed Audio Systems

Distributed audio systems can be as large or as small as you would like them to be. They must be designed to suit individual needs. This could be as simple as a two zone system for your home such as a living room and patio setup to more complex solutions such as what you would find in an office building or restaurant.

  • Office buildings and recreation centers - soft background music, with the ability to page.
  • Nightclubs, performance venues and loud restaurants need the ability to turn up the volume, and thus require a foreground system.
  • 70v Distributed audio systems are designed to scale
  • Infinite number of zones or audio locations
  • Zone Controllers to select programming source (such as music or TV audio)
  • Completely controllable and auto adjusting
  • Audio sources (Tablet, Phone, CD, Media Server, TV) can be broadcast throughout your entire home
  • Control from your iOS or Android device
  • Audio
  • Smart Doorbell Integration